Download Mustang Rally Championship Mod apk

Download Mustang Rally Championship Mod apk

Mustang Rally Championship is an extreme rally racing game.

Compete against three mustang drivers. Drive as fast as you can to get the first position in the race. Go through the checkpoints to check the difference time with respect to your rivals.

Get behind the wheel of legendary Mustang rally cars. Prove yourself fast in all tracks, dare to speed in hostile conditions and terrain and to drift along the turns. Challenge the rivals to be the best driver in the world.

Mustang Rally Championship Mod apk features

All mustang cars unlocked.

- 3 different circuits: The Valley; Castle's Route and Snowy Gully.
- Two game modes: Tournament and free mode
- 6 different types of mustang rally cars to unlock.
- High-Quality 3D Graphics
- With exciting and astounding mustang car racing physics control.
- Very precise driving simulation.

Mustang Rally Championship Mod apk