Rani Padmavati 2: Royal Queen Wedding Android apk | Mod apk

Rani Padmavati 2: Royal Queen Wedding Android apk | Mod apk

Singhal Kingdom(Sri Lanka), a Hindu Rajput Family, Rani Champavati & Raja Gandharv Sen gave birth to a very beautiful girl named Padmini later called as Rani Padmavati. She was an exceptionally beautiful princess of the Singhal kingdom.

Raja Gandharv was very possessive for her daughter, he resented the parrot's closeness to his daughter and ordered the bird to be killed. The parrot flew away to save its life but was trapped by a bird catcher, who later sold it to a Brahmin.
The Brahmin bought it to Chittor, where the local king Ratan Sen purchased it, impressed by its ability to talk. The parrot greatly praised Padmavati's beauty in front of Ratan Sen, who became determined to marry Padmavati. Guided by the parrot and accompanied by his 16,000 followers, Ratan Sen reached Singhal after crossing the seven seas. There, he commenced austerities in a temple to seek Padmavati. Meanwhile, Padmavati came to the temple, informed by the parrot, but quickly returned to her palace without meeting Ratan Sen.

Meanwhile, Ratan Sen realized that he had missed a chance to meet Padmavati, After an adventurous quest, he won her hand in marriage and brought her to Chittor. Later on,
she was declared as the Rani of Mewar.

Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi also heard about her beauty and laid siege to Chittor to obtain her. Many events occurred during the period of the Siege, till the Fort was finally taken. Meanwhile, Ratan Sen was killed in a duel with Devpal, the king of Kumbhalner who was also enamored with Padmavati's beauty. Before Alauddin Khalji could capture Chittor, Padmavati and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honor. After her sacrifice, the Rajput men died fighting on the battlefield.

By the 20th century, some elite Rajput women of Rajasthan characterized Padmini as a historian who exemplifies Rajput womanhood. Although there is no historical evidence that Padmini existed, she has become a symbol of valor and sacrifice in Rajput history. Hindu activists have characterized her as a chaste Hindu woman, and her suicide as a heroic act of resistance against the invader Khalji.

Over the years, she came to be seen as a historical figure and appeared in several novels, plays, television serials and movies.

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